Bulk SMS

What Is SMS-Marketing?

It’s hard to find a person in the 21st century who is not using a mobile phone. The mobile phone is the most common device to communicate all around the world. Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the best features all mobile phones have. Keeping the popularity in mind now a day business marketing development Experts have introduced a new era in online marketing strategy.

Who Can Use SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing can be done for any kind of purpose if any information needs to be sent. It can be used for Meeting Invitation, Election, a New Business in the Market, conferences, New and Existing promotions, Social Work, etc. Bulk SMS Service – Advertising & Event Management, Airlines, Automobiles, Banking, Consumer Durables, Courier & Logistics, Ecommerce & Portals, Education, FMCG, Hotels & Resorts, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Placements & Consultants, Real Estate, Retail, Stock Broker, Tours & Travels, Web, CRM & ERP, etc. Every category can do SMS marketing from small business to big business, from social work to office work every category can do SMS marketing for the best and quick response from readers.

Non-Masking & Masking SMS Packages:

Research Taka Non-Masking Masking
Charge Taka Validity Charge Taka Validity
20,000 – Above 0.25 Taka Per SMS Unlimited 0.50 Taka Per SMS Unlimited
5,000 – 19,999 0.30 Taka Per SMS Unlimited 0.55 Taka Per SMS Unlimited
500 – 4,999 0.35 Taka Per SMS Unlimited 0.65 Taka Per SMS Unlimited

Masking/Branding Name

  •  Masking / Sender name / Phone no (Character Limit: 11)
  •  No Special character except underscore (_) is applicable.
  •  The masking approval process takes 3 to 5 working days.
  •  Masking Creation Fees are Applicable.

Terms And Conditions

  •  No Hidden Charge! All Prices are Excluding VAT + SD & Others Charges.
  •  100% Advance Payment is Required. 
  •  For SMS content, all responsibility will go to the client. Promotion BD is not responsible for any SMS content.
  •  For any kind of objection for content from the proper authority, Promotion BD can suspend any account.
  •  Promotion BD shall have the right to take any legal recourse against the client for infringement of agreement and financial and/or reputational loss in addition to its right to terminate the agreement.

SMS Text Character Limit

A. English SMS:

  •  01 – 160 Characters = 1 SMS Count
  •  161 – 306 Characters = 2 SMS Count
  •  307 – 459 Characters = 3 SMS Count

C. Maximum 765 characters (5 SMS) are allowed in English SMS, but in the case of Unicode/Bangla the length must be under 335 characters (5 SMS)

B. Bangla SMS:

  •  01 – 70 Characters = 1 SMS Count
  •  71 – 134 Characters = 2 SMS Count
  •  135 – 201 Characters = 3 SMS Count

D. For Bangla SMS, please type SMS content by Avro Keyboard.


What You Will Get In Report?
  •  All Number with Delivery Report (3 Number will be Replaced by XXX)
  •  Undelivered Report
  •  Failed Report
  •  Campaign Cost
Some Important Information
  •  Real-Time SMS Delivery Reports are available in our application.
  •  You can ensure your SMS marketing report by visiting our office to check the admin reports or from the campaign your response.