Google Business Listing

What Is Google My Business?

As the Internet becomes bigger every day, it is important to set your business online as well. An important tool to use for people to recognize your establishment is Google my business. When the system is ready and running properly,  the business will be shown in their district.

This is a free tool offered by Google for businesses to showcase their business on Google Search and Google Maps. It usually attracts people who are searching for something locally. So, if you’re a local business, you want to make sure you have set your profile.

Where does it appear?

When searching for any type of business on Google it appears on the right side of the page with information about that business. What it shows is an image of the location and where it is located on the maps that google provides, there is a link for the main website of that business as well as the full address. To add, more details about the hours of the business which is the opening and closing hours, phone number and email address along with a reviews section. The review section lets customers talk about this business and discuss what they like or dislike about this business. It also appears on Google maps but instead of it being on the right side it’s on the left with exact information.

How is this useful?

The biggest aspect on business is that it gives business owners an advantage in their local area. For instance, if you were to search ‘Restaurants in Toronto’, all the restaurants that have registered with Google my business in that specific area you have researched will appear. When the results show, users can see the business and view important information, images of businesses, and any reviews that other clients of that business have written. Another benefit that it offers is called Google virtual tour and what this does for businesses is that it shows a virtual tour of that business.

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